Do you need an energetic, engaging, and dynamic speaker for:

  • Your next dinner, lunch, or breakfast meeting
  • A conference, seminar, or continuing education day
  • Your professional organization or service club
  • A focus group, strategic planning, or brainstorming session 


What makes me different?

  • I will not stand behind a podium
  • I engage the audience, take questions, keep them involved.
  • I customize my remarks to your needs, culture and expectations


What you can expect?

  • To learn
  • To laugh
  • To be engaged
  • To take home at least one helpful tip/hint/idea


How does it work?

Typically I am hired for a 30-minute or 60-minute talk but can accommodate other windows of time as well. 

We will start with a call so that I can understand your needs.  Please contact me by emailing Tom@AdvancementDesigns.com




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Complimentary Session

Book your complimentary Immediate Impact Session.

"Tom has a wealth of knowledge, which he is eager to share. Tom listened to and understood our current needs and provided feedback catered to our organization. He was very well prepared for the call, researching our organization in advance so that he had a good foundational understanding of our work. I know that our organization will benefit from Tom's feedback and suggestions!"  Maggie R.,  Director, Lori's Hands

"As you probably remember the Board set my EOY fundraising goal at $160,000 (operating burn to last until the gala in May). They themselves pledged $10K. Taking your advice I leveraged that with about 10 donors and leveraged the matches against other matches and had a couple of “last minute” EOY type family foundations offer us grants. All in, all done, I raised (with my team and God’s provision OF COURSE) $239,000.  VERY HAPPY – thank you for all your counsel & advice!!! It was SUPER helpful."  Suellen D., Meals by Grace