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Is Your Organization in Disarray?

Are you:

Frustrated trying to manage your volunteers and board
Uncertain how to raise more money
Struggling with your strategic plan
Overwhelmed with all that you have to do
➡ Making everything a priority and yet nothing seems to get done

Being a nonprofit leader can be challenging and lonely. Where do you turn when you are stuck on these issues, trying to work though an idea or concept before acting on it, and just can't figure out what to do next? Your spouse, friends, significant other, family or the local bar tender.

Did they really sign up for this and what strain has it had on your relationship?

What if it didn’t have to be that way?

What if you had someone to provide feedback, give suggestions, and just help you feel less lonely in your leadership role. How much would that benefit you and your organization? How could you benefit from someone who has spent 30 years in the nonprofit sector and knows the questions to ask to help you find the answers and solutions you seek?

At Advancement Designs, we help nonprofits and nonprofit leaders through:


Do you have goals for your organization or team without a plan to achieve them? Feels like being on a rudderless ship right? Just going with the flow of the water without any true direction, control or purpose. It is time to grab the wheel and take control of your efforts and your actions. Our proven process has helped organizations and teams get clarity around where they are and where they want to be and they design a strategy that will keep them focused and accountable to getting there.



Effective leadership is key to running an organization, team or project. Sadly, we rarely get trained to be a leader, we acquire leadership positions often after success to doing something.  While our method worked for us, will it work for others and what happens if it is not working? There is also, no one for us to turn to when we are stuck or uncertain. Our unique coaching process helps you find solutions that work for you, not just trying to implement something the work for someone else or at another organization.



Is your Board a mess, lacking initiative, leadership and direction? One of the biggest challenges for nonprofit organizations is an ineffective Board, they aren't prepared for meetings, don't take ownership for fundraising, don't respond to your outreach, and often can't even show up for key events.  Having a well-oiled, effective, and impactful Board is like gold to an organization. Achieving and maintaining an effective Board requires constant effort and attention.  We will help you define policies, engage your Board, help them be more effective fundraisers and become the Board you want and your need.



Are you struggling to generate the resources that you need to run the programs you know will help achieve your mission? Fundraising doesn't have to be seen as a necessary evil. Sadly most organization just keep doing what they have always done which leaves them burned out by events, overwhelmed with grant research, applications, deadlines, and reporting, and missing out giving people the opportunity to support an organization they value. We will help you understand what you have done and its effectiveness, organize and prioritize your efforts, and raise more money to serve your community and achieve your mission. We will help you team get comfortable with fundraising and your organization raise more money.

How would things be different if you had the support you needed to turn things from chaos and confusion into having more confidence and control? 

Ready To Talk?


People are looking for you to be decisive.

But you struggle to make sense of things, much less make decisions that could have lasting effects.  

Are you:

  • Feeling the overwhelm of all that you have to do, not enough time to do it and need a roadmap to find some order and clarity?
  • Worried that your the path is unclear and need direction to find your way?
  • Struggling to gain control and seek clarity to put the pieces back together? 

Wherever you find yourself, you need the resources to find answers quickly and confidently or everything you have built could fall apart.

It is hard to think clearly, to make key decisions, and act decisively when everything feels out of control and moving to fast. No wonder it is hard to have any confidence in your next step. 

Before you know it, you are paralyzed and can't act.

Whether the challenge is to:

  • Communicate your message to the community
  • Pivot from lost opportunities
  • Recognize what is really going on.
  • Evaluate those efforts without judging them
  • Create actions based on your efforts
  • Learn from those actions rather than place blame
  • Stay accountable to the things you say you are going to do.

It is critical to get REAL, take the first step, and create momentum!

It seems easy to ask for help, yet so few actually do!

Are you worried about being "right" or not being "wrong"?

At Advancement Designs, we will work with you to craft the solution that fits what is real for you and your organization.  We know that every nonprofit is unique. Unique Resources, Unique Challenges, Unique Opportunities, and unique needs, so we help you find your unique solutions.

Whether you're in the path of the storm, hit with the brunt of it, or left to deal with the aftermath, your next step is crucial.  Take action, create movement, and build momentum to get you to solutions.


A clear pathway is critical to find your way through any storm.


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 "His ability to help me focus on the most important tasks really helped to increase my efficiency"

"Tom was great to work with. To have someone with his knowledge and expertise in my corner to discuss and bounce things off was invaluable. I highly recommend Tom. His ability to help me identify and focus on the most important tasks really helped to increase my efficiency."

Mary Anne R.