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During these challenging times, nonprofits are finding themselves in difficult positions and not always knowing what to do.  Uncertainty and the stress of ever-changing issues can have even the best organization overwhelmed and stuck. 

To address this, Advancement designs is providing the following specific resources to meet you where you are.

Please reach out if we can be helpful in these difficult and uncertain times.


Working in the nonprofit world can be energizing, fulfilling, and fun, but it can also be stressful, consuming, and frustrating, especially if you have limited resources, small or no staff, not enough time to do everything, or an ineffective fundraising plan!

Can you say yes to one of the following?

*An Event was not as successful as you hoped,
*An organization that always funds or sponsors you has changed priorities,
*You have just become overwhelmed with all that you have to do, or
*You cannot get your board to be more engaged and active.

Let us help you design a plan for success that provides clarity, direction, and a road map to sustainability for your organization.

Roadmap to Designing Your Fundraising Plan:

IGNITE Your Nonprofit Organization Toward

Clarity, Direction, and Sustainability!

This Special Report will help you:

  • Make sure everyone in your organization knows your mission, so that you are all moving in the same direction.
  • Ensure that your mission is still relevant.
  • Focus your efforts to ensure that they are helping you achieve your mission.
  • Create and implement a fundraising plan. 


You are not alone! We have helped other professionals and leaders like you to be more effective, efficient, and raise more support with Roadmap to Building Your Fundraising Plan - A Path to Raising More Support for Your Organization!

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 "His ability to help me focus on the most important tasks really helped to increase my efficiency"

"Tom was great to work with. To have someone with his knowledge and expertise in my corner to discuss and bounce things off was invaluable. I highly recommend Tom. His ability to help me identify and focus on the most important tasks really helped to increase my efficiency."

Mary Anne R.


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