1:1 Coaching


  • Do you feel overwhelmed and like your work is never done?
  • Does your boss or board keep adding responsibilities to your plate?
  • Are you struggling to find time to focus on key priorities?
  • Is managing your staff and volunteers increasingly challenging?


If you are worried about meeting your goals and expectations, and you just cannot find time to get all your work done and see progress, it is time to contact me for a complementary Immediate Impact call to see if coaching is right for you.


Schedule Your Immediate Impact Session


If you are ready to make a change - to finally stop thinking things will get better once you complete this next project and start doing something about it... here is what your transformation will look like:

  • We will identify that key goal and put it at the top of your priorities (Unsure what that is? You will identify one during our 45-minute free call - WHAT do you need to do and WHY?)
  • I will do a quick assessment of where you are now;
  • I will tailor a program to meet your unique needs, which could include: 
    • Goals Assessment Exercise
    • Personal Strengths Assessment
    • Create clarity in your priorities
    • Necessary Tasks vs lower priority activities vs key actions: What are you doing and what should you be doing?
    • A step-by-step focus on how to attack each day and week.
    • I can act as an ACCOUNTABILITY PERSON and TRUSTED ADVISOR.  This is huge!  You will have someone to keep you focused on your goals and to help talk through ideas, concepts, and challenging situations.


This transformation with me could be brief or much longer.  It depends on YOU.  You are the captain of this ship and I am just helping steer the ship.  We will work on a monthly basis, and you can stop at any time.  But I know that you will not want to give up when you start to see direct progress.  This WORKS when you are READY!

I am excited to help guide your journey to organized, directed, and clear IMPACT.

Are you ready to set sail?

"Tom has a wealth of knowledge, which he is eager to share. Tom listened to and understood our current needs and provided feedback catered to our organization. He was very well prepared for the call, researching our organization in advance so that he had a good foundational understanding of our work. I know that our organization will benefit from Tom's feedback and suggestions!"  Maggie R.,  Director, Lori's Hands

"As you probably remember the Board set my EOY fundraising goal at $160,000 (operating burn to last until the gala in May). They themselves pledged $10K. Taking your advice I leveraged that with about 10 donors and leveraged the matches against other matches and had a couple of “last minute” EOY type family foundations offer us grants. All in, all done, I raised (with my team and God’s provision OF COURSE) $239,000.  VERY HAPPY – thank you for all your counsel & advice!!! It was SUPER helpful."  Suellen D., Meals by Grace



Roadmap to Building Your Fundraising Plan

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