Is your organization looking to:

  • Developing a Strategic Plan
  • Build, Revitalize or Train Your Board
  • Develop a Cohesive Marketing and Solicitation Plan
  • Revise your social media plan or website
  • Build a Major Gift Program
  • Revamp tired Events and Fundraising efforts
  • Evaluate current organization structure and programming


Sometimes organizations are just stuck or they are looking to grow and are just not sure what to do or even how to begin, it is time to contact me for a complimentary Immediate Impact Session to see if consulting is right for you.


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If your organization is ready to stop hoping that you find the right solutions and best practices and starts doing something about it... here is what the pathway will look like:

  • I will help you clarify exactly what you are trying to evaluate. (If you have multiple things, we will identify what will be attacked first in that free 45-minute call.
  • I will assess exactly what your current situation is and provide a quick report on it.
  • I will tailor a program to your unique situation, that may include:
    • Defining the desired outcome
    • developing specific steps to move you to successful completion of the project
    • Guide you along the way providing best practices that might apply to your specific objective.
    • Talk through what best applies to your unique situation
    • Develop a strategy for moving forward after the completion of the project.


The path with me could be brief (like a one-time training) or much longer.  It all depends on you and your organization.  You are in control while I guide you to help find the truest course to your success.  We will work on a monthly basis and you can stop at any time.  But once you start seeing the results, I know that you will want to see it through to success.  The process works when YOU are READY!

I am excited to help you along the path to great success and more impact!

"Tom has a wealth of knowledge, which he is eager to share. Tom listened to and understood our current needs and provided feedback catered to our organization. He was very well prepared for the call, researching our organization in advance so that he had a good foundational understanding of our work. I know that our organization will benefit from Tom's feedback and suggestions!"  Maggie R.,  Director, Lori's Hands

"As you probably remember the Board set my EOY fundraising goal at $160,000 (operating burn to last until the gala in May). They themselves pledged $10K. Taking your advice I leveraged that with about 10 donors and leveraged the matches against other matches and had a couple of “last minute” EOY type family foundations offer us grants. All in, all done, I raised (with my team and God’s provision OF COURSE) $239,000.  VERY HAPPY – thank you for all your counsel & advice!!! It was SUPER helpful."  Suellen D., Meals by Grace



Roadmap to Building Your Fundraising Plan

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