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Product Rapid Response Roundtable

During these rapidly changing times, nonprofits need real boots-on-the-ground support.

Not in a webinar next week, a Facebook Live tomorrow, or at next month's Board meeting, you need that support NOW.

This Rapid Response Roundtable will bring together a group of nonprofit professionals who are looking for solutions to keep their organizations moving as they navigate the challenging times ahead of us.

Included in the Rapid Response Roundtable:

  • six weeks of complete support
  • weekly group calls
  • individual coaching calls
  • daily connection with Tom
  • the ability for you and your organization to keep moving forward, designing strategies for the future, and being ready to adapt at a moment's notice.

You and your organization cannot wait to take action.  Decisions need to be made and things are changing fast, who will you get support from?

The Rapid Response Roundtable will have a maximum of 12 people to ensure that everyone gets individual attention and support.

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199.00 USD