Ring of Renegades

Are you committed to being true to who you are and want to be?
Do you envision a better world and are driven to create it?
Do what needs to be done, even if others don't see it?
Driven to find your own way, no matter what others think?

Sound like you?

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If you answered yes, you are a Renegade!

There is a catch though, Renegades are not:

⚠️ Reckless by putting themselves or others in harm's way 

⚠️ Living in regret, stuck worried about past struggles

⚠️ Afraid to take the next step, even though it may not be crystal clear. 

⚠️ Like minded, they avoid being trapped by convention and its echo chamber

**Renegades are true to themselves and their goals**

The goal of the Ring of Renegades is to build a community of leaders, like you, driven to find your own way and helping others do the same.

The journey is not easy and is loaded with hidden obstacles that can hold you back.

When you find your partners, expand your perspective, and create a plan you can avoid the obstacles, see the light ahead, and achieve your goals.

Inside the Ring of Renegades Facebook Group you will find:

🔸 A community of Renegades and those working to find their inner Renegade

🔸 Today's Antidote - a weekday podcast committed to providing a prescription for today's challenges

🔸 An opportunity to share your ideas and hear others

🔸 A community to share in your success with our weekly #SuccessSaturday

We look forward to seeing you in the Ring of Renegades!

Join the Ring of Renegades Facebook Group


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