Nonprofit Leaders Mastermind


Ignite your efforts and take action that helps you and your organization achieve its mission and serve its constituents.

  • Gain clarity on your growing responsibilities and expectations
  • Get direction to focus on the actions that provide the greatest return
  • Find guidance to raise more resources for your organization
  • Create strategies that help you address the overwhelm and frustration

Do you...

  • Feel burned out by endless fundraising events?
  • Get frustrated trying to recruit and manage your board AND then get them to engage?
  • Leave work each day feeling like you did not get anything accomplished?
  • wonder how you are going to keep your organization, and even yourself, sustainable?

Are you adding more things to your to do list than crossing off.  And feeling like you will never get it all done

Create the organization and the work life harmony of your dreams!

The Nonprofit Leaders Mastermind is designed to help you manage your organization, focus your efforts, and help you and your organization thrive.


Nonprofit Leaders Mastermind - Paid in Full $802.00

Nonprofit Leaders Mastermind - 3 payments of $297.00


At the end of the three (3) month mastermind, you will have gained:

  1. Support to navigate you along the path to achievement
  2. A mentor to guide you through challenges
  3. Accountability to achieve your goals
  4. Community to be there for you however your need them

This Mastermind is for all Nonprofit Leaders who are driven to guide their organization, but currently feeling stuck, frustrated, and worried about their future and the sustainability of their organization.   Overwhelmed.....   Feeling alone.....  Wanting to make a difference...

Does that sound like you?  You are not alone.

**Creating clarity and direction for yourself and your organization can be extremely powerful and fulfilling**

And doing this among a community is twice as powerful.


Nonprofit Leaders Mastermind - Paid in Full $802.00

Nonprofit Leaders Mastermind - 3 payments of $297.00


You have worked really hard to get yourself and your organization to where it is today and can't image it not being able to serve your constituents. You worry every day about its future and yours.

But what if it did not have to be that way?

What if when you:

  • lacked confidence about your role as a leader, you gained clarity and direction from others knowledge and experience
  • were burned out and overwhelmed, you had accountability to help you ignite your actions
  • Felt alone, you had a guide and a group of peers to support you

Imagine how different your organization, your work and your life would be.  

One of the greatest challenges leaders like you face is knowing when we need help and figuring out how to get it.  The Nonprofit Leaders Mastermind can be that solution as over the three (3) months you will have access to:

  1. Three (3) 45-minute Immediate Impact 1-1 Calls to address your specific challenges, questions, and needs
  2. Bi-Weekly 75-minute mastermind group calls where we address a specific topic and then do individual spotlight coaching with members
  3. 24/7 access to me for your just-in-time coaching and consulting support through a secure on-line portal for you to journal, get feedback on documents, letters, agenda, etc and direct coaching
  4. Access to a private Facebook page to connect and engage with other members of the group in a secure setting.

**Space is limited and will fill up fast, so signup today, ignite your actions and achieve your goals.**

The total investment for the Nonprofit Leaders Mastermind is $891.00

If you choose to pay in full, you receive a 10% discount.

Nonprofit Leaders Mastermind - Paid in Full $802.00


Prefer to break out the payment into three equal payments

Nonprofit Leaders Mastermind - 3 payments of $297.00